Potential for poetry

Let me be clear about my goal
i do not believe in the system,
therefore i follow no norm.
I am not a slave in any form,
i follow the unwritten code.

Therefore i have won
triumphed over aging system
-matrix, so called.
My words are not clean, precise
their goal is not acting nice,
not to be fluent in writers mind
keeping poetry only for certain kind.

My goal is much higher aim;
to bring fame of the poetry
to the world astray-
to be heard not by one strain
of the conscious mind,
deluded as well in the illusion of what’s right,
following age old scripture
not making changes not creating his own picture.

Therefore it’s all completely the same,
aimed at a certain brand.
My goal is to get out
of the belief we are in
that poetry should be neat and thin
like a gentleman’s chin.
I am here with a message to send,
so i need to alter the normal
to completely change the plan.


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