And again, I felt

I searched for a long time
something that was here
all along
I tried to find
what was here
in me
since I was born.

So hard I wanted to know
that which was known,
so hard I tried to gain
that which was already mine.

And in that struggle
with my mind,
I have found
that the best way to win
is to just let go
and feel.


I have realised the difference between emotions and words and that has made all the difference.


Words we say only get in the way cause we are wired to search the insides of our souls. We see rather than hear each other, therein we feel what lies beneath, all the struggles, feelings and fears. If we only heard words a life would be a dull emotionless place, where there is no art, a dark tumult, a grey space. We are consciousness talking to each other, we are wired to seek what lies beneath the body, we don’t see the color of our eyes rather what eyes are hiding, we don’t hear the words that leave our mouth, we hear the energy that pervades them. It is hard to feel without the heart, when the tension rises and it starts to beat, don’t hide and run from it for then you are truly alive.

Dawn of self

I feel trapped
by my own self
or is it?

Image of myself
in a disarray
thorn apart
two worlds
one all around
pulls with every might
the other
tenderly calls me
like a mother to its child
It is like my soul begs
to be set free
but for that
illusion has to end
I have to brake
all the lines
that myself is kept in
all this time
venture into darkness
only to find light
at the other side
and when it feels like
the sun is going down
I dissolve into nothingness
only to rise again
like a sun in the dawn.

How can we know light?

How can you expect

The day lasts forever

When it shares time

With the night?


How can you expect

To get better

When you don’t go

Through dark times?


On the canvas of creation

Your life is the sky

Where the most beautiful sunrise

Follows the darkest night.


Sun and moon are your guides

You maybe choose to follow

Only one.

But remember,

How can we know light,

Without the dark?


Just another day

Sun crawled up its way on the azure blue sky
dark and grey suits walked the animated walk
as the streets had started to fill
masks pulled over their faces
without a trace of discomfort
heavy briefcases and flying paper
shower of smiles, but seldom were real.

Like a prison it seemed
to the one that was of free spirit
of the monochrome background
his eyes started to sting.
He had sang and they all turned
their faces unbelieving and twisted
their gazes stern and uninterested
turned to the metal steel
that towered above them.

Like a prison it seemed
to the one that was of a free spirit
so he walked among the convicts
sharing a message of peace
and soon the birds’s voice
was heard above the city noise
and they all stood as color took over their suits.
and crept into their hearts.
Paper planes made of numbers and symbols
soared majestically into the sky.
While the free spirit smiled.

And continued on.

It’s all in my mind

I know I have to start

but it’s so fucking hard

the habit is formed

thoughts are mad as hell.

I can feel it in my heart

the fear of rejection.

That is only a product of my mind

I am aware of the deception.

But since I am here

playing this game called life

why don’t I take the lead role

after all?

Since it is all in my mind.