Bomb of truth(haiku)

We are the fuse timer is on zero soon detonate the truth via Daily Prompt: Detonate Had to try haiku once. I don't like writing by restraints as it's killing my creativity. But here it is

The child within

Walking among others with two feet on the ground just as anyone else i sound only do i realise our fates are intertwined. All strive to achieve that moment of clarity where everything is clear. That moment of life's sobriety, not aware of the inner child within trapped in a shell of a human being.... Continue Reading →


Stream of time undefined. What is eternity? Is it something we can't reach, we can never fathom? Something that is beyond our comprehension? Is it the blue sea mirroring the sky above coming from deep depths soaring high? Is it the grand design of universe filled with orbs and shining stars? Is there something more... Continue Reading →

The Creature of Ancient Lore

Deep blue eyes like an emerald sea, the gaze that stuns even the most courageous of them all. The dark glow behind it's feathery wings, the creature of ancient lore. Stories were told of the black angel his skin darker than coal, his touch of burning flame and his chilling breath of cold. His nature... Continue Reading →

Divine Mission

Beautiful misfit in a single universe(himself) carries the radiance within of a thousand suns to share his energy of light. Deep undercover in a world's web of lies like a divine spy sent on a mission to plant a seed of love in a world that lost it's volition. World without true freedom. An instrument... Continue Reading →

Beautiful misfit

Brightest star in the night sky, a white rose in the red field. One uniqueness that keep him a beautiful luscious tree in a forest of equality. Never will he be made on the image of others. Never will he blindly worship his forefathers. Never will he let tradition destroy his unique imperfection. A beautiful... Continue Reading →

The day of light

The time is at hand to shine the divine light on the dark that has plagued this land for centuries now. Clock is ticking, everything is falling apart, more wondering souls are waking up. Soon the day will come where light will shine bright, conquer the dark and Infuse us into life itself. via Daily... Continue Reading →

Act of Acting

What?! A stage? Yes, biggest one yet where even you act not knowing your role, you're just on for the show like Shakespeare's whore. You stand bent over with your arse exposed. You think you're the lead role; (you) wrote the play. That shining gold that you're so desperately trying to find; oh i forgot... Continue Reading →

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