Timeless heart

Word I write as a testament to my pain, becomes timeless, my heart then eternally engraved in this shapeshifting form we call life.

It takes on a form of a stone, its foundation of eternal love, it becomes unmoving, unchanged, uncorrupted.

It never fades, or vanishes in time for the one who reads will always be now


You think you know life but you haven’t felt your body of light.

Weightless, your arms and legs soft as breeze in sync with the music, your heart as the sun lighting up everything and everyone.

Pure extasy needing nothing, drunk on the moment, giving love, you become a magnet for everything.

You have felt but the fraction of the magic of life. You are not aware of your true nature because you don’t know you are a God.

You are asleep, sleepwalking through life, your soul is in cage until you have cried everything out.

Leap of faith

I was hurting, I was crying
I needed a saviour I thought I was dying
I cried inside, I asked god why was I chosen
Why was I to suffer, why was I so broken.
All the light was blinding
For the darkness in me risin’
All the toys couldn’t’t satisfy me
Answers were hidin’
So I stopped searching
And looked inside
I stared at the abys
But i was out of time
So I jumped
I broke through fear like Goku on steroids
And a crack appeared .

Walls of black started breaking

Flood of pain was so enchanting
That I stayed
I stayed with it until the last tear had left me
When it ended I thought I was in heaven.
I couldn’t believe what was happenin’ to me.
I felt so light and everything was shinin’
I knew the darkness had left me I knew i wouldn’t have to repeat
For this one leap of faith I made
Showed me how to live.

Revolution of souls

The fight has begun
old and the new
darkness vs light.

Those reborn
carry a message of peace,
the earth is rising
from the seeds of love.

We have been waiting
many lifetimes,
we have been training
warriors of light.

Now the time has come
together with sun and the moon
at our side,
night and day united
against the forces of dark.

The time of revolution
is at hand.
The end of the old
and start of the new.

Now the time has come
for us to wake up.

Man with no ego

Man with no ego is unpredictable, dangerous even, to those who try to harm him, he is a puzzle, a mystery in a body, a mirror of souls, a true reflection of what lies beyond in faces of others. An empath on a mission, an emmisary of light, angel sent to earth with a sword to fight the wicked. In his form he is unseen, moves unnoticed even under the guise of fear and shame. His love beckons to be set free, yet it is still, felt like a warmth in his heart, aura surrounding him like a blanket of light.
His steps are divinely guided, everything is in perfect harmony, yet he may not feel that way, he may even feel that the universe had forsaken him. Man with no ego carries no resentment, yet he is fierce, and when his dormant feelings awaken with a force of a thousand suns, he awakens to his true mission to bring the light and fight of the dark.

power within me

I feel as though invisible chains started breaking, when I move my arm, my leg, when i rock my pelvis, i feel as thoufh shackles I was kept in, my body imprisoned srarted cracking, to give under pressure of immense power.

It feels like a giant breaking free, like there is an unlimited potential lurking inside me. Chains are breaking, nothing can no more stop the giant. Body is free of mind, yet two remain in perfect harmony.

Depths of what lies inside, dormant still, is like murky depths of the deepest ocean, still beyond reach. But I feel the tide had started, and what was inside started to rise. I feel as though tidal wave lurks, somewhere in time, when the world will witness the power that is within me.

And again, I felt

I searched for a long time
something that was here
all along
I tried to find
what was here
in me
since I was born.

So hard I wanted to know
that which was known,
so hard I tried to gain
that which was already mine.

And in that struggle
with my mind,
I have found
that the best way to win
is to just let go
and feel.

I have realised the difference between emotions and words and that has made all the difference.


Words we say only get in the way cause we are wired to search the insides of our souls. We see rather than hear each other, therein we feel what lies beneath, all the struggles, feelings and fears. If we only heard words a life would be a dull emotionless place, where there is no art, a dark tumult, a grey space. We are consciousness talking to each other, we are wired to seek what lies beneath the body, we don’t see the color of our eyes rather what eyes are hiding, we don’t hear the words that leave our mouth, we hear the energy that pervades them. It is hard to feel without the heart, when the tension rises and it starts to beat, don’t hide and run from it for then you are truly alive.