It’s all in my mind

I know I have to start

but it’s so fucking hard

the habit is formed

thoughts are mad as hell.

I can feel it in my heart

the fear of rejection.

That is only a product of my mind

I am aware of the deception.

But since I am here

playing this game called life

why don’t I take the lead role

after all?

Since it is all in my mind.



I am so high

Can’t think of a line

I think of thousand thoughts

My brain like a busy lane

Trying to avoid collision

As I continue to be high

But it’s all right

I am writing these verses

Am I not?

And it even rhymes.

It’s gonna be alright

I’m so high

Feeling is good

It’s windy up here

And everyone seems so small

I can’t think of a song

But I can think of a punchline

Here it goes

I am so hiiiiiigh



Dreams are killed, butchered
They allow us to make shit up
Such as:
“Mom, I want to be an astronaut when I grow up!”
As long as everyone
has the same thing in mind
It’s okay.
Because when one dares to venture outside
Dreamkillers are there
To bring him inside the corporate line
“So you said you want to be a famous writer?”
Agent of the dreamkillers says
“Stop dreaming my son,
And get a job like everyone else.”

Where do these words come from?

Where do these words come from?
They never appeared before
Not as long as I was asleep
did they want to show
But they are neither great
A far cry from that
I just think them up

As I go

I know all sorts of shit
comes out
unfiltered and raw.
But they carry something
deep inside I know
a secret is held
and the pattern
that just started to form

I am not trying so hard
it’s when I do
that I get stuck
but this way my pen
just writes.

And I say
“Holy shit
Where do these words come from?”