Greatness of a man

Great are we for being human

to bring demise to all life

to destroy even ourselves

Great man put under the spell

at the bottom of a sleepless well.

Where dreams are held hostage

life shackled in chains.

We have eyes but are blind

can’t see past this earthly realm.


Great are we for being humans

for chances of our birth are slim

yet the wonder of life

truly amazing

has to be payed to live.

Reflection of a soul

I see in the mirror a body

flesh and bones in front of me.

As I look into mirror’s eyes

I see everlasting dreams

I see the life in all it’s glory

and darkness within.

As I stare into mirror

I see it’s thoughts

stripped bare

naked in front of me.

I see the mirror’s true colors

it’s every virtue,

it’s every sin.

I stare at the mirror’s soul

and the mirror stares back at me.



Do you remember?

Do you remember your early age
when imagination ruled the world
when you played with magic wands
wore a wizard hat when
everything could change,
time you believed in fairy tales
times when your heart lead the show
your mind only followed?

Now you fall prey to your intricate self
to this illusion of you distorting your view
of everything around placing you first
but only in your mind, telling you you must win
be better then the rest, because
there are no place for losers
in this dangerous place.

You forgot everything is possible
your ego killed your faith
you forgot who you are
little child that used to play
with magic wands and hats,
your own self doesn’t let you see
that you were truly happy
that you were truly at peace.

Do you remember those times?
Do you remember when you were free?

Prison of mind

We are here only when seen

particles of light of life

put together to seem

we are here standing solid

trapped in all failures

under the heat of the sun

the same energy we are

the same light of life

yet we live like prisoners

in front of the barrel of a gun

the fear of a trigger pulled

controls the core of our lives

universal secret hidden

this world pulled over our eyes

keeping us docile, drugged

in this prison of mind


Afraid of the truth, comforted by the lie

You are not what you are now. Do you really believe that you are the person you claim to be? You play sports, or you follow them on screen. You represent a political party or you maybe don’t even care for all that doesn’t concern you directly. Well, have you ever thought that it just might affect you in some way? Maybe not in the given day, month or a year, but some time, some day it will concern you in some way. You think you are person behind your name, that you are that what you learned. I know it seems like an easiest way of understanding your existence without having to face the truth, any fight that might occur. You seem so eager to follow the trends in the showbiz, Hollywood, but you won’t even blink on something that describes in detail how badly you are being screwed. But precisely why you aren’t concerned with it. Because it doesn’t affect you. “It only affects all of humanity, doesn’t bother me.” You are living in a bubble that is about to burst. You are nothing but a mean to an end in your job or whatever you might be doing. Have you ever thought of how more introverted people or even more “different people” are the ones who are usually smarter? Why is that? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that nature does what has it always done. Survive. It’s a mere struggle for survival, nothing else. You are afraid to face your fears because it would require a change, it would mean the end to the life you so happily enjoyed. Or at least you thought you did. That is why the one’s who are silent, who know instead of just show off, are the one’s smarter. It may not have to be the “smart” as we think of it today, college smart, degree, phd, that sort of stuff. It can just be a poet, an inventor, a person that has made his own life enjoyable doing what they truly love.

Reality of life

What lies within us all
to heal the broken heart
What obstacles to overcome
to find your way out
the reason for everything
positive and negative
are only images in our mind
forming a picture inside
for us to believe the lie
that life is unchanged
that every soul has it’s place
that there is no way out
Predicament you found yourself in
is keeping you there against your will.
Lie forever imprinted in time,
prisoners of constant belief
only mirroring on the outside
their condition within
unaware their deepest thoughts
shape the reality of life.

At The World’s End

The world in pieces
Armageddon of happiness
time has no limits
borders stretch endless.

The end is near
nature found it’s way back in
reclaimed it’s fame
earth, water, wind and fire
elements of life’s dangerous game
destroyed all the gods
all the idols of joy.

Gravity shifted it’s way
from grey to green
the paradigm of pride fell
at the sight of imposible scene
of winner buying loser a drink.

Finish line transparent
competition too serene
dog licking cat’s tale
nerds and jocks play
together the same
dark suits coming off
criminals give away
soldiers pick up flowers
nature wages war
against the concrete blocks
at the world’s end.


Can your eyes see everything

sink into very hole of existance

see the floor of bottomless pit

reach across the distance

of time and space

See life’s grace, it’s every instance

like a gray of sand

on the shores of beaches

of endles ocean of our universe.

The waves of micro cosmos.

Trace origins of existence

to it’s humble beginnings,

See the world

you so unquestionably observe.

See the One you truly serve.

Illusive freedom

Our lives lived wasted
punching clocks
freedom only tasted
working for half a day
astrayed from ourselves
our only goal in life
to cash the check
to want everything
propagandazied into having
the things we don’t need
the things we watch on tv,
the things we read in magazines.

No one told us the power
of our own mind
they only showed us
how to be a well behaved slave.
There is no instruction manual of life
only law of how to behave.
To behave in eyes of others
to appear only on outside
no one told us it’s the inside
that matters the most
that our state of mind attracts
the things we truly want.
Yet we live from day to day
trying to survive it, get through it
not taste life’s gifts
thinking of freedom
all the time trying to acquire it.

Meaning of life

What does it all mean
the pain, the struggle
the happiness, sadness within
when we all hide ourselves
we keep the masks on
desperately trying to win
be better than the rest
when we know inside
we are not up for the task.
What is the meaning of life
when we scratch, claw our way out
ignoring deeply troubled mind
pretending all is fine
when inside emotions are stirring
fighting their way out
what is life worth living for
if they stay within
the walls we built up
to keep us safe from the external
while we are destroyed at the source
living unresolved lives
prisoners of our own mind
unaware of life that is eternal.