Worm in an apple

We hold to what we know

We flaunter around as if we own

We reach for the sky, aspire to stars

We sail across the oceans, conquer more each day

We hold the great universe to be the end of what we know

Because our limited minds tell us we know it all

What if we are just atoms clustered together to form

That which we can not begin to comprehend

What if our lives matter

Only so something else can live?


We don’t matter

We are not important
Because we have no money
We don’t matter
Because we have it all
What good is a rise
If it’s followed by a fall.

It is only us who gives
Meaning to our lives
To ourselves we suffice.
We don’t matter to them,
If they don’t as well.

If it matters you so much
That you matter
No one will listen.
But you don’t have to yell
If you have got a story to tell.

Shadows of light


Foresee the teller of fortune

Crystal ball glowing inside

Show the world in years time

Battle of good and evil.

Drink oneself to oblivion

For we are all here stoned

Eat the green paper

For we threaten the status quo

Pay homage to the history

For we come with pliers

To resolve us from the chains of misery.

Be afraid good citizen

For everything you know is threatened

We are shadows of light rising

Of the truth that beckons.


Game of life and death

in the chaos of shallow thoughts

participants of the hallow game

the mindless obedient drones

play the game of life and death.

Striving to win to get a reward

incredulous to their very core

to fill the empty holes inside

to hide the shadow of their lives.

Too far fetched to the gamers

who think they are in control

to see the strings pulled

to see them being played like a doll.


Velvet drape

The suit of comfort
velvet drape across
blissful tandem
of silk and wool,
pearly whites
of the spiteful mouth
biting on the silver spoon.

Ironclad will doesn’t even
begin to unwrapp
the velvety cover
of the comfort drape
It takes the heart
to tear it apart,
lose the comfort
and fly it in the air.

Time of The Ghost

Like wolves howling at the moon

To silver glow in the night sky

Much like ghost inside of me

Yelling to get out.

History buried under past

Sphinx under desert sand

Realms of magic and kings

For ghost to reminisce.

Ready for the wind to come

Flower to blossom

The time has now come

For ghost to get out.


Straight Curve

Straight curve “Impossible!”
circle can’t be square
nor square can be triangle.
How can then a curve be straight?

Vexing at the notion
of geometrical commotion,
brain cells sent into overdrive
abstract shapes twisting inside,
now there’s no fixing the broken line
parameters of mind’s box come crashing down
erasing the well established
boundaries of space and time.
Universal crime committed
all the books rewritten-
Aristotel, Pitagora, Archimedes
fools following the straight line
dying out to new paradigm
angles, vectors- meaningless!

Scholars cry out in pain
from the abys of space
witnessing the abomination
of rules set in stone
now crumble to pebbles of creation
reforming the foundation
atoms in state of tension
rewriting code of life
no longer they obscure
possibility of a straight curve.

Fifth king

Bridge monologue news anchor
Lies and tries the fifth
Heavy headset rumbling
Pantless actor’s face
Words blasphemy roll
Fear the enemy no 1
Danger we all face
Heartless jerk in mic
Eyes empty on the cup
Thoughts on a coffee sip
News anchor sitting up
Weather forecast amiss
Raining lies wash away
Truth in it’s making
Realise the bridge monologue
Of the puppets and a puppetier
Strings and strands
Pulled by the fifth king.

You CAN change

Society. The trap we all fall into. Ever since we are born, we are molded into whatever our parents, teachers, therefore- society wants us to be. No wonder why we cry soon as we leave the womb.

So you have probably heard something about the rising of consciousness, holistic way of life starting to gain momentum across the world challenging the status quo. You are probably wondering if those scrawny wacked drug abusing hippies were right all along.
Yeah, they were. But not entirely. You see, their message of love and peace was in fact a formidable one, and a correct one. We all need love and peace in this world as soon as possible.

They’ve gone too far though. All love, sex and drugs is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but they did pretty much nothing about it. Why?
Well, they pretty much did nothing about themselves. Not all of them though. There were still intellectuals that understood the way it all worked.

You see, you won’t change anything outside if you don’t change yourself inside. It’s very easy, really, when you look at it. The more you change, the more your perception of the world does, therefore your experience also. I know you are probably thinking : “But how do I change?”

Well, for that you don’t have to be spiritual or zen or whatever and that is precisely my point. If you understand spirituality even better, but I think that we all have the capability of changing ourselves for the better and unleashing our enormous potential.

You have to see and understand your brain for what it is. How it functions, how is it connected to your body, and the world around you. You need to know how to rewire it.
Yes, you can rewire it. It’s not going to be easy though. Your old bad habits and patterns have to be eliminated. Yes, I mean eliminated. Everything you know deep inside of you that is a bad habit, but you don’t want to change it, has to go. Such as : sitting on couch all day and watching TV, overthinking every situation and so on. We all have our own types of bad habits we have developed during our childhood and even our adult life.

There is a reason for all of this and it’s called subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is storing every single thread of data we encounter during our lives. Every single memory, feeling, it’s all stored somewhere deep inside the subconscious mind.

I know many people think it’s too hard for them to change, or just move their asses to better themselves, but it’s only their brain that doesn’t want change. It does what it thinks it’s the best for you, given all the time you spent in your life doing the same things over and over again. Your brain is hardwired for you to survive, and to be comfortable. It will not accept easy the paradigm shift you bestow upon it. It will fight, making you doubt yourself, making you doubt what you are doing, making you not do anything. You see, the reason why a lot of people can’t start changing in a positive way is because they don’t understand their brain. They think it’s them who are calling the shots, when in fact, it’s not. They are only along for the ride, when their brain is in the driving seat. It seems strange enough, but it’s the point of life really. The whole reason we think we are who we are is our brain and it’s perception of reality that was forged by our experiences in life.

You can change your habits and your previously learned behavior by programming your subconscious mind. I am not going to give you exactly how to do that (you can check that online) but I just want to tell you that you just have to start. Bit by bit, habit by habit, and there you are, leading a whole new life.

Remember, you will not struggle or find it hard once you make a habit out of it. If you want to better yourself, you must change your “destructive” habits and start constructive ones instead. You can even try meditating, do some reading, or whatever you find constructive.

You just have to realise the way your brain works, the way it stores information and controls your behavior and then you will have the power to take control of your life.