Majestic butterfly

You realised by now it’s all a lie,
adults have told you despite the cry.
Yeah, you cried, you knew who you are,
but the tears have dryed out
replaced by a fake smile.

Wired from early age
groomed to live in cage,
you knew somewhere deep inside,
you heard that sorrow cry.
Borrowed personality becomes hollow,
you start to crash, you start to wallow.
Twists and turns, turmoil occurs,
now the truth becomes hard pill to swallow.
Placebo it was you start to realise,
lie no longer cures, no longer suffice.

You are on a new path now
walking the edge of reality,
gravity of universe pulls you inside
to remember who you are
to reveal your true light
that soon will shine over dark
when you realise you are now but a
caterpillar transforming in majestic butterfly.


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