Do you believe?

In the small corner of a slightly dimmed room, Harry struggled to find words as his memories and imagination alike played around inside his mind like a disobediant toddlers not following his commands. Blue light emiting from the laptop, of an empty microsoft word page, stabbed him in the eye reminding him of his incompotency.

No, I can’t do this! Screen of a laptop swiftly dropped and closed in a thud as Harry pulled on it, his frustration winning the battle over his rational mind. He covered his eyes with his hands, his elbow on the edge of the table, wallowing in self pity, frustrated.

Harry was a writer, despite his current condition. His main goal was to get published. He knew he had a gift. He wrote several short stories which he had shown to his friends who complimented his original way of thinking. He also gained an online audience which, after some constructive criticism, praised him on his originality. He was satisfied with himself. He has now decided to try writing a novel. A full length novel, which would get him recognized in writer’s community and hopefully to the general public, skyrocketing him towards his goal of becoming a famous writer.

His mind was blank. All the imagination seemed to have evaporated from his mind, all the creativity left him for dead. Harry was now facing a failure. His own mind had started to trick him to believe he wasn’t good enough, that he will never ever reach for the stars. His experiences in life could not possibly match to his wish to write a novel everyone would read.

No! No! No! Harry shouted more loud each time, until he abruptly stood up, sending his chair spontaneously wheeling backwards hitting the couch behind.

I will not fail! Harry yelled at himself, loud as he could, appearing as though he was fighting with an invisible enemy. At that moment, Harry heard a soft voice. Soothing and relaxing, yet at the same time, assertive and authoritative. He felt a feeling in his heart, glowing warmth discipating through his entire body. Bright light lit up slightly dimmed room in front of him. In the middle of the room, in front of Harry, what he immidaitely thought was an angel, stood an entity eminating light from it’s celestial body.

Overwhelmed by the intensity of light, and the warmth he felt inside of him, Harry dropped to his knees, his gaze locked on the entity in front of him.
“Harry, you are a writer. Don’t be intimated by the unknown.” Divine, relaxing voice echoed throughout the room, into Harry’s heart and soul.
“I am, but I haven’t lived a life of one. I have no experience in life. Only my imagination and that is not enough” said Harry, looking down at the glowing floor, resenting himself.
“Let me take you on a journey then.” said the angel, reaching his celestial hand to Harry.

First, Harry froze in place, quickly going over the possibility of going mad, but everything he was hearing, seeing, even touching was too real for it to be imaginary. He agreed, hint of hope in his eyes.

Harry reached for the angel’s hand and found himself in the desert with three great pyramids in sight basking in the yellowish glow of a rising sun. He bewildered in amazement as the angel beside him, looked upon him, reaching his hand once more. Harry took it. He now found himself in Stonehenge. Under the silver moon giant monolithic stones aligned to form a great mythical place. They looked as if they have just been planted there. He must have gone back into time, he thought.

Journeys he was on were filled with great landscapes, vast green fields of flowers, towers and castles, majestic blue oceans and mighty rivers, white, snow covered fields stretching for miles on end. Harry’s eyes wide open with each and every gaze upon the beauty of the scene in front of him. Excitement took over his entire body. Experiences he lived will surely give him something to write about.

Amazed, his heart pounding, beating out of his chest, he looked upon the angel with amazement and admiration, and asked where would he lead him next. Angel looked at him, and said. “Wherever you want to go.”

Harry thought over it in a second, and quickly, euphorically he yelled. “Space!” He remembered that he has always tried to write a science fiction. This would be a great experience.

Angel reached with his celestial hand once more to meet Harry’s and they found themselves in the midst of a vastness of space, filled with shining stars, planet’s orbiting around the glimmering sun.
Colorfull display of planets and bright glimmering of the stars, vastness of the nothingness and the glow of the sun, captivated Harry so much that he started to glide across the eternal void of space itself. He wanted to visit planets to see if they harbored any life. He would be first to discover it, and then he would become famous. Thoughts of being famous and money started their enchanting dance inside his mind, and quickly, he foundhimself back in his room, kneeling infront of the angel.

“What happened? Where are we? Why are we back?” Harry reached out his hands, almost in a pleading sort of way towards angel, begging him to go back.
“We never went anywhere.” Angel stated.
“What do you mean?? The pyramydes, stonehenge, space? We weren’t there?”
“No. We weren’t. You were.”
“I do…n’t under…stand, what do you mean??” His eye browes frowned, and his eyes teared up close to a brink of a flood.
“You see Harry. Places I have led you exist only in your mind. We have traveled only in your mind, which has no boundaries of time and space. Everything is possible there. You just have to believe.”

Harry gazed at the palms of his hands, questioning reality more and more, simmering flame of anger burned inside of him. His head fell down, and his back arched as he relaxed completely. He stood there, kneeling, watching the palms of his hands.

Only the shelves on the wall filled with books met his gaze as he brought his head back up, to meet angel’s once again. Angel wasn’t there. He found himself kneeling at the floor of his room, contemplating all that has happened. Could it have all been real? Thoughts rushed through his mind as he stood up, pulled his chair back to his desk, opened up his laptop, opened a blank word document and started typing.

“I believe.” He said as the words started to fill up the once blank white page.

When we found ourselves stuck, ideas absent from our mind, we only need to see that everything is inside and if we believe it will all come to light.


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