Affairs of the brain

Affairs of the brain
strain the mind of the ones
only lies can they see
in the knowledge of few
much like the earth was once flat
set it’s course for today’s round view.

Affairs of the brain
difficult to understand
pig that flies for when
ignorant calls out mad
the one who threads,
walks the other way.

Affairs of the brain
shape the life paradise in hell
spent dwelling under the knife
that is lingering to fall
above the top of your head.

Affairs of the brain
the play written
nothing else than that
premiere of the show
when ignorant calls out mad
unknowingly giving away
all the dreams he once had.

Affairs of the brain
mystery of time
crime against the man
blessing of the kind
not yet found to be
the link between all
the link between
the universal mind.



  1. my valiant soul · August 10

    Extremely insightful and deep!

    Liked by 2 people

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