Winners & losers

Let go of everything you know, something hard to believe, yet make it so.
Fail, but stand up, no one hits like life greatest boxer you will ever know.
Gloves are on, fight is on, do you bend the knee or do you fight back,
In ring of life there are no rules, it’s all white and black. Winners fail but prevail, losers give up after first try. Then blame it on others. Fate, witches or god.
it’s not that they are cursed by witches, it’s their clear skin without stitches.
They are afraid to move, remain in the same place, comfy in bed, when alarm goes off they snooze.
That is why they lose.
Not because of destiny or some shit
I’ts their dreams, that are killed, knife through a heart of their own will.
Look at others provides comfort, the hype of masses strings them along.
Yet, do you choose to live from nine to five, seize to believe, that you are a star
yet, you don’t shine, nor will you ever if they bring you on their level.
People are lunatics, that’s what you find when you stand out. When you follow your dreams, not giving up.
Winners are self made, fear and failure, made them that way, to see life like a challenge, a game.
They play, until the game is over, but the loser stays, when it starts to get hotter.
When loser breaks a sweat the game is over, the winner is hell bent, to make himself stronger.


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