Afraid of the truth, comforted by the lie

You are not what you are now. Do you really believe that you are the person you claim to be? You play sports, or you follow them on screen. You represent a political party or you maybe don’t even care for all that doesn’t concern you directly. Well, have you ever thought that it just might affect you in some way? Maybe not in the given day, month or a year, but some time, some day it will concern you in some way. You think you are person behind your name, that you are that what you learned. I know it seems like an easiest way of understanding your existence without having to face the truth, any fight that might occur. You seem so eager to follow the trends in the showbiz, Hollywood, but you won’t even blink on something that describes in detail how badly you are being screwed. But precisely why you aren’t concerned with it. Because it doesn’t affect you. “It only affects all of humanity, doesn’t bother me.” You are living in a bubble that is about to burst. You are nothing but a mean to an end in your job or whatever you might be doing. Have you ever thought of how more introverted people or even more “different people” are the ones who are usually smarter? Why is that? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that nature does what has it always done. Survive. It’s a mere struggle for survival, nothing else. You are afraid to face your fears because it would require a change, it would mean the end to the life you so happily enjoyed. Or at least you thought you did. That is why the one’s who are silent, who know instead of just show off, are the one’s smarter. It may not have to be the “smart” as we think of it today, college smart, degree, phd, that sort of stuff. It can just be a poet, an inventor, a person that has made his own life enjoyable doing what they truly love.


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