Illusive freedom

Our lives lived wasted
punching clocks
freedom only tasted
working for half a day
astrayed from ourselves
our only goal in life
to cash the check
to want everything
propagandazied into having
the things we don’t need
the things we watch on tv,
the things we read in magazines.

No one told us the power
of our own mind
they only showed us
how to be a well behaved slave.
There is no instruction manual of life
only law of how to behave.
To behave in eyes of others
to appear only on outside
no one told us it’s the inside
that matters the most
that our state of mind attracts
the things we truly want.
Yet we live from day to day
trying to survive it, get through it
not taste life’s gifts
thinking of freedom
all the time trying to acquire it.


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