Ramblings of mind

I am way more then this shadow of a being
a name given, a number stuck in a dead-end job
a slave for time fighting to survive.
There will come a time where true me comes to light
’till then i have to fight.
I am a gear, a part of a senseless machine
I can’t show what I want
I am at a lack of emotions flow
to burst out of me, to surface on the skin
wipe out that stupid grin,
equilibrium of body showing balance within.
I feel the oneness
I am here visioning
the universe hidden within
my eyes see what light gives
my mind penetrates the veil of deceit.
I am yet to find the severed link
reconnect my being, with the oneness in everything.
Why is it so hard to unite in time
to feel the moment
to live it fully
why the struggle persists within the mind
making it hard to show what i feel truly.
Why does the past keeps coming
time and time again
why does the future scares me
how it will end-
why is it so hard to let go?
Life is not milk & honey
it’s gore, painful and bloody
not always is it clear and sunny
Life is not about comfort
as we are here to learn
to survive after all has turned to ashes
like phoenix rising from the flames
stronger then ever after storm has passed.
I am here absent
I can be labeled as weird
I have been fighting my own battles
those I have to win.
Others are here to distract me
unknowingly so,
I have to find peace in myself
so I can soar,
fly higher then I have ever
flown before.


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