Leap of faith

Is the bird scared of wind
fish of the sea
are we passing in life
led to believe
there is nothing else
but this what we see.
We live in fear
granting it power
like prisoners in cell
ruled by time
confined by space.
Are we really here
to just exist
or are we here to live?
Everything scares us
fear in air all around
squeezing the breath
from our lungs.
We are afraid of things
we can not even see,
we are standing on the ledge
of dark despair of mind
it takes only one step
to give ourselves to life,
to swimm in it’s current
like fish downstream
to fly in wind’s direction
like bird spreading it’s wings.
To leave behind all the fear,
all the doubt and hate
without seeing what awaits
it takes only a leap of faith.



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