I could see blue light flickering beneath the blanket. I was terrified still. It looked as if it was changing it’s color slowly to green. Seeing that mysterious object laying down in front of me in my own bed, I was now definitely sure that it was all real. How did it got there was beyond me.

I remembered I had to meet Ben soon, so for a brief moment I tried to put myself together and think rationally.

I hurried to the bathroom door. That white wooden door seemed like the only salvation at the moment;that, or a jump through the 10th story window. I slamm the door shut behind me in a hasty manner, sound of a bang reverberating through out the small confines of a bathroom. I turn on the faucet, grabbing a stream of water with my hands and immidietely splash it all over my face, water droplets flying all around me. I looked my now groggy face in the mirror. My natural green eyes were bloodshot red, looked as if I hadn’t slept in a month. My hair was a mess, as if I hadn’t showered in a week. I looked almost like the pilot had looked when he died in front of me. Was the object doing it to us? I was scared senseless but I knew had to pull my self back together. I broke the eye contact with the mirror and left. I head out to meet Ben.

Chaotic stale fragrance of a dying city lingered under the heat of the sun that was at it’s highest as the fumes from the exhaust pipes of overwhelming vehicles underpinned everything.

I wore the same shoes I had worn for a year now. Once bright white now accompanied by hints of brown, blending into coffee like color as the time grabbed a hold of them and my indifference to tending to it’s needs couldn’t have helped.

I now cassually walked along side the road on the sidewalk that had a big white sign drawn every few hundred meters “Cellphone user only” It dated back from when everyone would still walk, their phone absent from their hands, at least the majority of people. Now it’ was just plain ridicilous to have it labeled as now every piece of road should be rightfully so. I looked at my side for a second, now approaching the park where I would meet Ben when I felt a slight touch grazing my shoulder. I turned around and saw a man wearing a hoodie behind me, looking up from his cellphone, turning half of his body toward me with his legs still advancing forward and said: “Sorry, man!” and continued on.

I was now at the park, watching the withered out trees dancing at the wind as the sun tightened it’s searing grip around them. Park was not resembling to what park would look like 10 years ago. Grass field had a greyish tone to it, and the paved road stretched all through it letting car’s pass on through. I sat on one of the few remaining benches and impatiently waited for Ben to show up.

I could see, in the distance, a tall man hastily throwing his legs forward, his hands waving at his sides. It was Ben. His walk was all to familiar to me. Ben was my friend, in fact, my only friend. I was a sort of an introvert, or I just didn’t have the brain capacity to converse about celebrities, favorite sport teams or reality shows. Ben could hear me out, his way of thinking very close to mine. I knew he would support me in anything I say, but I was afraid that what I have to say now, will not grant me his nod of approval.

“Hey man, what the fuck is going on with you? You didn’t know where were you??” Ben wore a worried look on his face, his eyes opened wide as he hurried to sit next to me.

His emerald green eyes looked small through the thick black framed glasses he wore on his head. He had curly black hair and small hairs on his chin, unshaven, his beard looked like it has just started to grow. I had to calm him down so I told him to sit and that I would explain everything. So I started.

“Weird shit happened to me, please listen to me and don’t freak out.” I looked at him dead in the eyes. His emerald green eyes flickered as they stayed on me the whole time. I could see the fear inside even if he wasn’t showing it.

“Okay…” He broke the eye contact and focused his attention to the floor. Anywhere but me.

I reached in my pocket with intention of pulling out the object, but it wasn’t there. Now I thought I had lost it. All kind of thoughts rushed through my head. I reminisced that Ephone guy in a hoodie brushing my shoulder. Maybe he somehow pick pocketed me? My thoughts were going thousand miles per hour when I saw it just right behind where Ben was sitting. That thing would always show up in the weirdest of places.

It was again daring me with it’s greenish glow to grasp it. I reached my arm behind Ben. He twitched nervously. As I returned my hand from behind him, he could see I was holding a green object. Yeah, it was green now. Weird, huh?

I held it in my hand like holy grail as we were both staring at it without blinking, swallowing it with our eyes admiring it’s peculiar structure. Ben wanted to hold it, but I wasn’t so sure as to give it to him or not.

“Better don’t” I said with my eyes still on the object holding it close to my face, studying it meticulously. He looked disappointed for a second, and I then told him everything that happened. The trip, the pilot, and the fact that I never was at Shadowstone.

His now bloodshot almost teary eyes widened and his mouth gaped open as he was looking at me like I have just escaped from a mental institution. All I was missing was a white paper gown and a straight jacket.

Everything was good until Ben said something that itched in my mind. “Dude, you don’t have a job. What do you mean? Mustang? What drugs are you on?” He turned his upper body towards me, frantically gesturing with his hands.

I returned him the look and now he seemed to me as if he had lost it. I tried to explain to him, now already yelling in the middle of the park, how everything that has happened to me somehow connected with that object I was holding.

Again, we stared at it for a while, not having a slightest clue what it might have been, and then I remembered to ask Ben something that I will regret.

“Were do you live? What do you do??” He was silent. I waited for his answer.

His face changed from still surprised to absolutely terrified in a heartbeat. He acted like he didn’t know who I was. And he was right to. He looked at me now like I was officially ready to be sent off to an asylum. Nevertheless, he turned to me and told me everything I wanted to know. As he was speaking his hands gestured along. His body language revealed his obvious struggle inside his mind but he seemed honest all the way through. Only problem was, I knew, that the facts he told me couldn’t be right.

As he was talking, an all to familiar buzzing sound pierced the air like a giant mosquito above our heads. Helicop flew high over us. I instinctively hid the object between my legs tucking my hands in between and waited nervously for helicop to go away. I never trusted the government, especially not regarding this thing that was now in my possession. One thing caught my attention. Helicop was black. No helicop I have ever seen was black. None. Every was white.

I asked Ben if he knew what that might have been regarding our conversation from before. He said to me, again his eyes looked as if they were full of questions. “What…? It’s black…they all are.” I had no idea what to say and I had no idea what was going on. Everything was the same, yet everything was different.

“What year is it?” I murmured under my chin. Ben heard me and added “2027.” he said it as if he would add a thousand question marks to it. Great, at least something was still right. I thought to myself, now a little relieved as I was scared he wouldn’t say 2027. Things weren’t adding up.

I was in Calinia, I was with Ben, I was in the park that was familiar to me, but I wasn’t in the world I knew. Some things were different. Like the fact that I didn’t have a job, or that helicops are black now. It was almost as if somehow, I entered an altered reality. I looked at the object in my hand, now radiating almost inconspicuously  green rays from it’s core.

“What’s it doing?” Ben said, looking at it like he was under a spell, slowly moving his hand toward it to feel it’s surface.

“NO!” I abruptly moved my hand and held the object out of his reach.

What have I gotten myself into?

Hi guys, this is a little break from poetry I write, as I realised, well maybe the whole poetry thing was just to get me started in fiction. Fiction is what I love to write, enjoy it, painting the image in my your mind with words. Of course, I am only at the beginning but hey, even the lion was once a cub 🙂


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