Requirements of life

It takes a strong one
to walk here among
all the deceits played out
on an enormous scale.
It takes the iron will
to speak your mind
even if to no avail.
The slender body of a lie
tight, well presented
super star in people’s mind,
still makes sense
even after the truth has come out.
It takes the heart to see
through that lie’s infectious disease.
To continue when facing death
death of a man’s being,
it takes the iron power of will.

We are stranded here
in the island in our mind,
we can’t see the boat
to carry us across to find
the shores of true human intention
goal of nature’s design.
It takes a dreamer
to abandon the sea,
sore to the skies.
It takes a genius
to bring the sky to earth
grab the stars
and throw them below
for us to see.
It takes to be a human being
to actually live.


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