Prologue- Key to the Game

Mechanical buzzing sound of a helicop flying over Calinia’s skyline could’ve been heard from the ground as it was making it’s routine survey of the area. Everything seemed to be in order as the flying cop copter surveyed streets from above.

I was never too much for all that “serve and protect” non sense. Not even ten years ago when police became the law. I only saw “obey or die”.

Year is 2027 and the world is run by one global government with few select individuals in charge. Population is dumbed down as you could see just by looking at them. They look more like sheep then people (I like the term “Sheeple.” ) as they are walking with their heads bowed with their noses buried in the screen of the gadgets in their hand.

Makes me sick.

Everyone is aware of the one government ruling them all but they just don’t seem to care. They have systematically been dumbed down, sedated over the years with god knows what chemicals or subconscious programming that reached it’s peak somewhere in 2020 where everyone just stopped caring for the horrible events that were happening in the world.

Laws are way stricter, as now we only have to eat and drink what they decide is suitable for us. Everything that we might enjoy in some way is prohibited. Medicine is limited, and highly prohibited substances such as cannabis are only enjoyed by the elite.


“Waaaatch ouuut!!”

I turned my head to see Alice behind me screaming from the top of her lungs.

After just couple of seconds bomb exploded near the gates of the tower. I could feel the ground bits hitting me like shrapnels all over my body as I try to hide behind the broken wall.

Big steel reinforced door of the tower could not withstand  the force of the explosion.
It fell inwards collapsing within the tower.


Rallying cry could be heard as hundreds of us ran into the tower. We were close to conquering it.

We will soon take control of the tower and regain control over our city.

              Tide is now turning as freedom fighters are now growing in numbers and the revolution is starting to gain momentum all around the globe.

I am one of the fighters and I can’t no longer live in this society. Time for disobedience is now.

The revolution is brewing in people’s minds. They are slowly catching up to the real truth behind the media bullshit coverage.

They are rising up and reclaiming their rightfully given freedom.

It all started with that one strange encounter that will change the course of history.

Hi, guys and girls. This is a prologue of my book called “Key to the Game” that I am currently writing. You can check it out on my wattpad page 

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below! 


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