Wheel of fortune

We are gamblers living a life

on a roll of a dice

we go around following still

spinning like a ball

in a roulette wheel

luck is a ruler of us all

will we rise, score the main jackpot?

or will we fail, lose everything we got.

We wait to see our life playing out

like combinations on a slot machine

will we be left without anything

will it pay out?

We gamble missing the key bet, ourselves

and while we put all our winnings on someone else,

wheels of fortune keep spinning

over and over granting us second chance.
We fail to grab it

then we envy the ones that do

some men are just more fortunate

then others ever will

everyone was given a deck of life

some pull ace at the end

some at the very start

Put yourself on the table

red black all in!

spin that wheel of fortune

and just you wait for it to stop spinning.



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