I Walked

I walked near the ocean
watched magnificent waves
dancing on the water
caught in a loop
of their never ending game
playing it over and over again
like a record jammed.
Playing tunes to eternal game
of life and death.

I walked near the forest
watched the trees stand tall
withstanding test of time
I heard whispers of the leaves
nightingale’s sing
in nature’s soothing sound.
Made me realise the beauty
of all that surrounds us.

I walked near the river
heard the water’s murmur
I followed it’s stream
all the way to it’s core.
Powerful force that moves
all it stands in it’s way
the biggest trunk, biggest tree
are pushed aside by it’s powerful stream.
I saw that decisive strength
unbreakable power of will.


I walked near the city
smelled the petrol in the air.
I saw the fumes rising high
all to the atmosphere.
I heard abundance of noises
sound’s loud brawl
perpetuant chaos
madness of thought.

My senses overwhelmed
ocean’s endlessness called me,
forest harmony sang,
river’s fight made me go ahead.
So I turned around.
I walked back.



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