Eyes tell the tale

You can’t hide from me
feelings inside you won’t show.
I can see it in your eye
you may think i don’t know,
but i see clearly past
all the acting and pretending,
I feel it in my gut
I see you faking.
Your mouth may speak
doesn’t mean a thing to me,
just a movement of your lips.
I’m not buying what you’re tryin’ to sell,
your words are meaningless
when your eyes tell the tale.

You may smile ear to ear
stretch that mouth wide.
If only you could see what i see:
your lips are curved
your eyes still
smile lacking honesty.
It doesn’t mean a thing to me:
your flattering, your word.
When i can see inside,
past all the shields you’ve put up
to keep me from finding out
what you really think of me.
More you try to fake, more you fail,
your face is struggling
keeping real feelings away.
Your smile is meaningless,
when your eyes tell the tale.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone when you know they don’t think very highly of you? When you can just see through that flattering smile. Trust your gut always. If your gut is telling you that that person is not what it makes out to be then listen to it and just don’t engage in conversation with them. Avoid them, people in your life should be your support, a shoulder to cry on, stress relievers not givers. Know what’s good for yourself and just keep that fake f***ers away.


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