Blindly Follow

Are we born to follow
or are we born to lead?
Lead ourselves, to grace
to the freedom of will.
Are we required to listen
words of scripture years ago written,
some ruler decided power smiten?
To what are we keen?
Can we take fate in our hands,
or do we falter beneath,
no different than the ants
following their queen?

Are we ants, running in circle
to feed the never ending cycle
hiding our strength,
keeping our virtue stay dorment,
up until the death’s moment,
when we are called to see
our lives and what they might be,
what did we live for all these years.
Ourselves? Enjoying every moment,
or did we waste it to follow
the ones with no grace.
No heart, power hungry bump.

We are like birds soaring high
unlimited potential of our mind
carries us beyond all the strains
shackles and chains, even time.
The power we hold is unknown
we only need to discover
what we already know
what we forgot
when we started
blindly follow.



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