I Am Awake

Listening truth tale on my mind’s still
unfathomable scale slowly drifting in
sleepless vigilance whirl of emotions
deepest thoughts fading, evanescence.

Seeing pictures unfolding, behold
all that was, and the reason for,
now i see where my life has led me.
Through thick and thin, my cries
echoed through thorns to the stars.

I dream awake of the time ahead
what meaning does it all hold,
What message have i to send?
Something changed, my very core
heart feels, mind solves, mystery
of existence, reaching out strong.

Something wants me to see beyond
the screen of deceiving illusion’s lie,
I do not have answers still, there is yet
to find, it has only freed my will to seek.

Laying still in my bed, sweaty sheets
Turmoil in my head body feels.
Open my eyes to see life without end
live to never surrend, buckle down,
suddenly I realise ″I am awake.″


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