Sheep don’t speak tongue of the wolf

I have no image to uphold, no certain style
I don’t wear suit, fancy as watch
no respect to acquire. No seldom followers that admire the things i hate most:

Follow fashion, stay in trend
show of, boast with swagger around those who believe in power of green, piece of paper.

I don’t look others for recognition, i recognized myself, freed my fruition. I don’t believe in god, any given institution, clearly set out against my volition. I wear no labels, only my skin with proud, i have no self image i even remotely doubt. I am me and will be until i can no longer be, I don’t care for thoughts of misled, I am my own god, good and bad, I am my own sin.

If you want to bring me down, at least what you can do is try.

I am a wolf, I don’t speak sheep’s tongue.


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