Pop, cork, screw!

Full! Cork screwed, ready to blow, there is only so much you can store inside, pressure is building, better unwind, before it pops like a champaign cork, screw yourself! It’s to late to close it now! Too much power all you put aside holds over you, you can not fight the pressure built up, it has now only one way to go, explode in your face, wipe yourself! -Dissonance, ignorance; now shows, it comes sooner or later loudly building slowly to a point of no return, magnificent boom, you lose control over your thought, you fight battle which was already won still you went on hiding what can never go, only discretely gain power, until it no longer nothing stops, ensues the shower after cork pops, you lose against yourself, your worst nemesis, fail to acknowledge it, it beats you, erupts like a supervolcano after a millennia of dorment when you say no to yourself, torment your soul’s essence then you find, what you hold inside, your emotions bottled up.



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