I am a dreamer

I am a dreamer silently flowing
On a cloud of thought, let myself be
Carried by currents of winds of fate
Into the world I’ve forever sought.

I am above these earthly restraints
Free of shackles made to silence
The voice, your inner self.
Binds of time and space.

Silver cord stretches as my soul
Ascends, to greatness, spreads its
Angelic wings and carries me
Far beyond this madness of thought,
rumbling of those below.

Never seizes to amaze
The blueprint upon which
Everything is made on.
Skies are still dark, but there
Is light bursting with power,
near coming of dawn.

Golden ratio of universe
So intricately sawn,
Hidden clue to all life’s essence
Embroidery of all existence.

All it takes is a glance
For my soul to see
My mind to follow
Wake up from the sleep.

But forever awake
I am a dreamer still
Eyes wide open
There is more to see.



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