Deceit of Triumph

They say we are greatest
our lives safest now.
Freedom for all! (Don’t mind!)
your civic duties, taxes
you are free, careless even,
only if you pay; pledge!
allegiance to the flag,

Your country has triumphed
over evil, ten times over!
Your solemn now faith
cemented in death of those
who don’t believe (infidels)
carry out our plan with ease
your genuine belief in all
that surrounds you (still!)
makes you wonder (only!)
what glory holds the green.
Not fields of green,
not the power of unity
earth fire water and wind.

Your unconditional love
for all we have given you
our only child, our people!
-yet you seem so displeased,
when we deceive you?
While you squander your time
you’ve been given on this earthly pedestal,
give your lives away…
so easily in our hands,
we triumph, we Triumph


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