Loud noise of a metal object being slammed could be heard across the room.
My friend and i were coming up the stairs and we could hear a man’s voice shouting in the room we are about to enter:


“I gave you 100 you gave me 10!”

“Fuck your maths!”

We found it funny, the shear creativity of the words that were shouted. We laughed as we were coming to the door of the room, and saw a young man, maybe in his early twenties hitting the slot machine as if it had robbed him of all his money.
There were other people sitting around, but no one seemed to pay attention to him.
Not even the employee came to see what is going on.

We sat at a roulette table that was in the middle of the room. Giant square table with a dome in the middle. I had 50$ to gamble so i placed my bet of 5$ on each spin.
My friend did the same, only he would win from time to time, an insignificant amount but still…
After couple of series, all losing ones of course, my friend had an idea.
He told me : “ZERO”
I looked at him funny as if he had lost his mind over the meaningless sum of money he just lost.

-I imagined briefly the guy that was punching the machine.

I asked him what did he meant by zero and he answered to me smiling as if he knew something that no one else did.

“We put all our money on zero, I guarantee you it will pan out.”

I agreed.
So we put our money on zero for the first time. We had 30$ each and each bet was 5$ for us. First bet-0- roulette wheel started to spin and as I looked at my friend as if he were to get me out of a life threatening situation, the ball ended up on number 26.
Okay, I said to myself, that was just the first spin, we have like 5 more to go.
After one, two, three, four spins of the wheel never did it fall on zero.
I looked at my friend with a look on my face as if he was a child that just did something he wasn’t supposed to.
I said to him- “Fuck your zero!” and put everything that was left, in a moment of “rage” and put it on several numbers, furthest away from zero.
He admitted his mistake and he did the same.

The wheel started to spin and the roulette ball started it’s journey across the 36 fields of numbers. As it span my friend and I watched it spin and as it was losing it’s gravitational force, the ball slowly bounced of one field to another creating a dispense feeling combined with it’s slow rotation that had almost like an hypnotic effect on our now win crazed mind.

After it’s journey the ball so gracefully landed. Wouldn’t you believe it. It landed on Zero.
It was almost as if the universe was telling us to stop gambling. As if it was laughing at ass, making us look like jackasses.
I felt even worse than the guy punching the machine.
From that day on, i never played roulette.

Hi guys, I wrote this story to lose myself in humor a little more. I have only written poetry for some time now, but I think that I can write almost anything. In my opinion no one should limit themselves to what they write. If you want to write poetry, fine. But if you write poetry, it means you are a writer. So why wouldn’t you write something else like: fiction, stories, prose. Whatever your heart desires.
If you liked this post share it, comment it, your feedback is precious. Thank you!


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