Glorious Defeat of a Poet’s soul

He was different, with his confident look on his face, his body out of shape. No one could place him anywhere in the known society groups. He didn’t belong. He was just there, with his strange look on his face.
Sun was setting behind the trees in the distance forming beautiful kaleidoscope of colors on the horizont. He sat there, with a notebook in his hand and pen in the other. As he looked with awe at the yellow gleam of sun rays, he started to imagine an alien world.

World in which there is no evil, no wars, only the souls that are living this life, experiencing it with joy, making sure that the life will be great for all to live. As fresh breeze brushed his face, he opened his eyes and noticed a figure in the distance. He looked closely and saw a woman, standing near the stream holding a cellphone. His alien world shattered in a second as he now started to imagine various scenarios with the girl
in his sight.

Do I approach her?

What will i say?

There was a fight inside of him. His imaginative mind fought his human side. It was a battle of the moment. He stood up, carrying his notebook in his arm, and courageously he marched on.
As he was coming near her, gut wrenching feeling became known to his senses.
His greatest fear was that she would not see him who he really was. He knew that in this world, there weren’t a lot of people that would understand his passion. Let alone girls. He knew inside that this was a roll of a dice, a game of chance. Nothing he could do could ever bring him her acceptance as he knew he could not act. He was honest, everything he did was everything he showed. There was no pretense to him. His face showed it how it is. His lines, his facial muscles moved in a stream of truth.
He approached the girl that was now slowly moving away.

“She thinks i am weird, I better stop.” “Abort the mission!”

He was thinking all kinds of discouraging thoughts. His imagination seized to exist as he could now only see a negative outcome. A plane rejection. Thoughts came crawling to his mind like an infectious disease.
He was stronger than he seemed. His will was strong, and he had a goal in mind.

He dared to ask her for her name. She turned around as if she had a question mark on top of her head. Her blue eyes and her red auburn hair, freckles on her face sparked something in him. He could not think clearly. She saw he was quite nervous so she asked “Can i help you with something?”  He awkwardly answered. “I just wanted to know your name.” She looked at him funny but could not shake the feeling that something was different about him. He was awkward yet so confident. Shy yet open. He was an enigma.
She said with a smirk on her face:

“I am Alice, nice to meet you.”

In that moment he saw himself holding hands with her. The thoughts came rushing in like a flood. He knew he had to stop or his mind will be the cause of his defeat. In the distance a dog was barking. It was a black-white husky dog. As the dog was barking he started to run towards them. Alice saw the dog. She couldn’t hide her joy. She squat down and pet him kindly as he came to her. Soon after the dog came, a man was running with a smile on his face holding a dog collar in his hands.

“Felicia, what did I tell you?”

“You can’t go running on me like that.”

The man came up to them and he and Alice started talking. As the two were talking, the man with a notebook in his hands knew that the conversation they had was not something he could do. Their superficial words, deceitful expressions ,no meaning to them.
He quietly admitted his defeat and just walked away and into the world of his imagination.
He knew he was way more than just a human being.
He was a poetic soul.


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