Onlooker of Life

I am a watcher onlooking onto life slowly moving in time.

Deep corner of my mind carries the feeling of duty driving me forward.

Sense of purpose tires me sometimes as if it is too much for one soul to bare,

to help the world near it’s end. I am not my past. I was given a new life.

To know i was created by stars. Soul that shines all throughout time.

I am now but a shadow of what will I become.

Words I write sometimes I wonder are mine.

I have awakened at this day of time, at the threshold of known to mankind.

Nature is beginning to get a hold of me. To bring me back where i belong.

I stand lonely only to know i am not alone.

There is a number of souls on assignment, on a mission to join me in this fight.

Soon there will be collision of light and dark, story old as time itself.

Dark secrets that dwell in the shadows are starting to unravel.

Collapse is imminent, I am yet to do my part as others have already begun.

For now i am an onlooker of life. It is now the beginning of world in change

I can’t stop but to ask myself.

Who will prevail?


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