Value of life

We have long taken life for granted

gave it value as if it was rented

as if we got it to have money

as if only accepted life is of milk and honey

we wallow in self pity,

we don’t see the true meaning

of what it means to live,

to breathe the air with our lungs,

to know you are the only one,

charrish your thoughts that are original.

Not bowing down following the script,

trying to live up to the image

that is fake to begin with.

We live a life of sin

as we are made to believe it is the

only way to live prosperous,

to hurt your kin.

You don’t see that you walk,

that you see and hear.

Trying to reach that movie ending

-when there is none.

Life is not a race against time.

It is every moment that counts.

There are no checkpoints

There is no finish line.


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