Measure of crazy

For measure of crazy
Down up, somewhat hazey
measured only by standard
you fit in or you stand out.
Dancing, strutting walk
smile stretched prolonged,
you are in a measure of crazy
downright on top!
You don’t fit the norm
admiring sky, gazing the sun
while others talk just not-
quite your measure of crazy.
Your words are plane, your body
seems lazy, when you don’t fit
the norm. Among the normals
you’re the one alone, yet not lonely,
you have company your own self,
happiest smile across your face,
there is nothing to hide, ur having a blast,
tea party inside, eyes on you trying to know
which norm you follow realise not
that you talk the talk head up high as you walk
it’s odd to them to their messy thoughts,
limited beliefs seeing you
top the scale of measure of crazy.


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