Real for me

I see a pink horse galloping across the road.
You are laughing your ass off, words are lost to you.
The meaning, it’s all gone it doesn’t exist for you.
You can’t see what i see maybe i seem crazy to you,
but in the end its real,
real for me.
I can see unicorns and rainbows prancing around with their horn.
Daisies that grow on the transparent floor.
Aliens coming to board the earth descending in a green bowl
grey ones or greens they are an image in my mind.
They are here, they are real,
real for me.
It is my reality i am living it vividly.
Maybe you don’t see, does that mean it’s not real?
You define reality by what others see,
objects by solidity, the three dimensional decree.
Words are set in stone, the undeniable truth.
I create my own reality.
Oh! Wait… that green rabbit with wings i saw?
It’s here, it’s real,
real for me.


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