Reader of life

You read the script of your own life,
a book in your hand pages torn out.
It’s missing a part you can not read;
the dark chapters never really seen.
It’s a fiction or drama, in your hands.
Darkened binding or pearly white is

Read carefully you might miss the part
main character for that moment of time
will not be alive, as you read in the now
pages are then torn out, in your hands.
Beware! He will never again be alive.

Sit queitly let your mind dissolve…
follow the stream of words inside,
the rhythm of your life. Don’t forget!
Carefully handle the fragile bind!-
-or it might fall apart in your hands.

You can only ever read in this moment,
don’t try reading two pages all at once
Take time, immerse yourself, deep words.
it is in your hands; the book of your  life…
aspects of reality, dreamy world beyond.
Relax completely giving yourself to now.
under the warm soft glow of candle light.


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