Mind’s reset

In this world of global fear and hatred

where that it don’t seem fabricated

what we feel is only fake

as we are hypnotized in certain state

to make us easier to control

where we can only fantasize

of truest of emotions

when in fact it’s in us

all the time, day and night

you only have to see

through the lie

break out of chains of time

see what is really a crime

make piece with yourself

and you will reset your mind;

feel how you are supposed to

live how you are supposed to

dream how you are supposed to.

We are all made the same

only when we experience

we are thought different game

there is no small man,

no  “I am just a nobody”

no shame.

You are here to beat this game

to wake up from the sleep

you can do all this

just by letting  your body speak

and you will reset yourself

to factory setting.



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