Coin of pride

So what if he did?
Can you not see the irrelevance?
The insignificance of your actions?
The same ones that cause his reactions?
Can you not see that you’re just as he?
Nor better nor worse, the same.
Fighting over what?
Who is stronger, who got more fame?
Can you not see the blindness of rage.
You stopped to think, you start to sink.
Sink into your own pride.
It pulls you down like a concrete block
chained to your feet, keys tossed aside.
Can you not see it’s all going round,
creating the same result over and over again.
You still don’t realise you’re but a clown
You are blinded by your pride,
your ego that is, whilst your true version is a prisoner of his.
You think you’r different, you can’t stand the guy.
when in reality you are two faces of the same coin.
The coin of pride.


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