Wake up! Disobey

You are not meant to live like you do.
Listen to what dreams are telling you.
For you’re not the only one;
we are all in the same shit.
They just want you to think
that this is all there is.

Wake up! already and see that you’re
being manipulated from the day you were born
you are educated, to follow, to obey.
“Life is a bitch -you live and you die”
It doesn’t have to be like that.
We are just sheep to them, that is why
your creativity is dead, that is why
history books are changed.
They don’t want you to think.
They need you to believe, not to question
their subtle tyranny they call democracy.

The problems we face in life are made
so we are occupied, so we don’t see the way out.
To stay trapped in our own mind;
without doubt, the greatest con ever done.
I know it’s hard to conquer your own ego
and admit to yourself that you weren’t right
but unless we see what is really going on
they will win and humanity will die.

The time is now! Get your head out of the sand,
open your eyes and see how everything is blatantly made.
The wars and conflicts are not accidents.
-It is all planned.

The moment we all stop looking for solution
for problems that never end and just listen
to our intuition, will be the start of


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