The child within

Walking among others
with two feet on the ground
just as anyone else i sound
only do i realise our fates
are intertwined.
All strive to achieve
that moment of clarity
where everything is clear.
That moment of life’s sobriety,
not aware of the inner child within
trapped in a shell of a human being.
No one would say “come out and play”
as they all have to care – (World is a dangerous place.)
with fear coming from everywhere
every crack, every tear.
Bowing their heads down
in front of others who claim -“everyone must obey”
You are now fully unaware
that life is just a game.
Set of challenges coming your way
problems are none, only in your head.
What you fail to see is the inner child within
caged together with your free will.
All you have to realise in your today
that it needs to be free.
All you have to say is
“Come out and play.”


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