The Creature of Ancient Lore

Deep blue eyes like an emerald sea, the gaze that stuns even the most courageous of them all. The dark glow behind it’s feathery wings, the creature of ancient lore.

Stories were told of the black angel his skin darker than coal, his touch of burning flame and his chilling breath of cold. His nature not known, a mythical creature from the darkness core. From the dark depths of the oblivion, as it was told, the blackness was born. Molded in it it’s messenger-the creature of ancient lore.

The black angel,  messenger of dark, his mission unknown. To bring balance to the world or swallow it hole. In the times before all, light and dark waged a war, fought over a human soul. No entity could stand in front of the black angel for he was the darkness’ messenger, the harbinger of death. His black feathery wings carried him above fate itself.

His sinister blue eyes and his petrifying gaze were never seen by any mortal soul. For that he will ever only be known as “the creature of ancient lore.”

Copyright © World Imagined

I wrote this piece on my job on a break. It just came to me, i don’t know maybe i was Shakespeare in another life. Just kidding. Or am I. This is just one part. I will write another story like this, if you guys enjoyed it. Please let me know if you liked it or if you want to read more.


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