Stream of time undefined.
What is eternity?
Is it something we can’t reach,
we can never fathom?
Something that is beyond our comprehension?
Is it the blue sea mirroring the sky above
coming from deep depths soaring high?
Is it the grand design of universe
filled with orbs and shining stars?

Is there something more our eyes can’t reach,
our mind to see?
In our earthly bodies we can never witness
the majestic display of eternity,
for we are given but a moment
in our short longevity.

Eternity may not be ours to keep.
All that there was and ever will be
can not be limited by no mans will.
It is all to know, to see
that eternity is merely a moment
we all live.



  1. Mr. Mel · May 29

    A beautiful poem. So many are concerned with eternity while they waste today. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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