What happened?

What did you want to be when you grew up? A policeman? A firefighter? Maybe an astronaut? Were your childhood dreams reality back then? Did you really wanted to become one of them? What happened with that? You grew up, entered a trap. All your ambitions went away. You became the slave of the system-betrayed yourself. Looking back at your childhood memories back in the time when you could dream now it all just seems like some psychedelic trip.

What happened?
Why are you trapped so deep?
Why can’t you get out of the life you’re in?

You wear a person who’s legitimacy of identity seems pretty thin. Still you don’t stop to think what happened. When did it all change. You entered a so called reality, where life on autopilot is a sanity, yet you are not aware of your slavery, you think you are brave if you disrespect authority when in fact you are just a minority in a vast majority of stereotypes. You forgot who you really are. You forgot what was it like to be free. You didn’t stop to ask.

What happened. When did you stop to dream.


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