Hour of life

Born of greatness

at the first hour

is yet helpless

still has to find

the reason why

he bares the mark


the intricate web of lies

severs the link

creates a disguise

to silence his cries

buries them deep inside

so there is no way

of breaking out

like a prisoner

incarcerated by his own mind

serving life long sentence

unaware of transcendence

that awaits

the hour of reckoning

to save his hearth’s youth

for his transgressions to amend

to reverse his Descend


2 thoughts on “Hour of life

  1. zeckrombryan

    Wonderful. Just simply wonderful. Look how you entangle those words into a beautiful embroidery, it is simply magnificent. Wide choice of words, simplistic way of conveying your feelings. Nice layout. Have hope, write on!

    Liked by 1 person


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