Words of stone

To arms! because we command, we received an information of a rising tension.
We told you what you wanted to hear, planted you hatred and fear.
For what have you fought, what did you accomplish, what have you sought?
From it we gained well, in our trap you have fell.
In high skyscraper, under the ground in the bunker,
our plan changes, it doesn’t matter, it’s what the world faces.
We need it, we did it.
You will fight, we will give you might of patriotism,
while you sink deeper, we will use religion and racism.
When you no longer know who you are, only thing you will do is shout
each other you will hate, you will yet curse the fate.
One act of aggression, makes a progression in our succession.
We will point who is to blame, guilty or not, it is our way.
You will have your target, while we bring down market, you make them suffer
and soon after, you will impose our will, there is no such thing as a standstill.
Everyone must obey, or become a target, become our prey.
You are our hope, we will take care of you, we will amend ya’
as long as you serve our agenda.
We will reward you handsomely, we will give you pain and missery.
While you fight with your body we fight with our mind
what you think is chaos, what we permitted, was already long ago written.
You send our message to the world, you are the bond
between us and our goal.
You are our weapon
our words of stone.


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