My story in rhyme

I wasn’t enjoying life, only existed, laughed from time to time

to show i was happy when i was not, all the emotions i tried to hide.

Revealing the truth of everything, i became me, full of life,happy.

Now i am me with all my being, my soul is free, my eyes see.

Words come to me now when there are no worries as a rhyme.

I don’t need to think, i just write, in my head all the bad is erased, i don’t even try.

Something stays though, but to learn from it, not regret it.

Everything stays, but on one course, nothing scrambled, for my actions there is no remorse, only to know.

Every single of my thoughts is a thought of love, to others i want the best,

what i need, to myself i give, i am my life’s creator, that is how it is imagined, i am my own mentor.

Life for me is a game, there is no serious, only what you see to be mysterious, good or bad.

Is it possible, you can do it or you can’t.


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