What makes us go up what makes us happier the most
is it seeing the words or listening to notes.

Words i admit carry the power
but the notes touch our soul.

Transcending the vibrations
creating sensations
like no other art it carries huge potential
to wake people up to get inside their mind.

Used to end the fight
as words are not alone up to the task.

Music only can make us realise
the true power of the heart and mind.

As it connects the two together
in a harmonious symphony
makes feeling of sadness go away
makes us happy when we are lonely.

What music has done throughout time
can’t compare to another form of art.

It was with us since our young age
evolving eversince, making us great.

Unexplainably, music is the most powerfull thing
we do not hear message of words
so much when we read that when we sing.

It is imbeded deep
has a firm grip on our kind.

The only thing that binds
body soul and mind,
the only thing that binds
everything that we are.


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